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Property tax sale

In accordance with the Québec Municipal Code (Articles 1022 to 1060 inclusive), the MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges is mandated with the purpose of collecting unpaid taxes from taxpayers for the benefits of local municipalities governed by the Code. The sale hearings of immovables for tax non-payment is always held on the second Thursday of April in the current year at 10:00 a.m. at 280, Harwood Boulevard, Vaudreuil-Dorion.

The secretary-treasurer of the local municipality if so ordered by his/her council will have to submit before January 20th of the year of sale, the list of debtors to the municipality and/or to the school board.

The secretary-treasurer of the MRC must, before the eighth day of February, according to the statements sent by the municipalities, prepare the list of properties for sale for non-payment of taxes and notify by registered or certified mail, each person whose property is being sold.

The list must be posted in each of the municipalities concerned and published twice during the month of February, in a newspaper circulated in its territory. On the first publication of the list, the secretary-treasurer shall forthwith send a copy to the registrar (or recorder of mortgages) of the registration division in which the building is advertised for sale.

The fees mentioned in the sale are related to the publications in the regional newspaper, in the publication at the office of publicity and rights and also to the secretary-treasurer fees.

The fees related to the publications in the newspaper and of the office of publicity and rights, are allocated in proportion with the number of properties for sale, while the secretary-treasurer's fees are fixed by resolution of the Board, at a fixed fee and a percentage according to the total amount of due taxes.

Before the date fixed for sale, it is possible for a property owner in debt oror his representative to remove a building from the list of sale of immovables for non-payment of taxes, on condition to pay all amounts due by cash, certified cheque or money order. A partial payment of amounts due on the property does not confer the right to remove the property from the list of buildings for non-payment of taxes.

If full payment is not submitted to the MRC before the date fixed for the sale, the property will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. In order to be a purchaser of a building, the highest bidder must pay immediately by cash, certified check or money order, otherwise the property is immediately put for auction again.

No personal cheque is accepted. The successful bidder must provide the documents indicated in the Public Notice. An identification document is also required under section 2990 of the Civil Code of Québec. Upon payment of all amounts due, the successful bidder receives a certificate of adjudication of his building.

Any owner of a property sold for unpaid taxes may within a one year time limit repossess his or her property. He or she will therefore reimburse the amount disbursed at the time of sale to the MRC, plus 10% interest per year, any fraction of year being calculated as a full year. Where applicable, the MRC will take on to reimburse the successful bidder of this amount, less 2,5% for his fees.

If, at the expiration of the one year time limit, the owner or his/her representative did not take advantage of his/her right of withdrawal, the successful bidder may then prepare at his or her own expense, a final contract of sale by the notary of his choice. The property transfer certificate bestows to the successful bidder all rights of the original owner, and purge the immovable from all mortgages whatsoever.