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Selective collection of recyclables

The MRC has jurisdiction over the management of recyclable materials generated on its territory for transportation, collection and processing. The MRC has provided more than 20 years of curbside recycling for all 23 municipalities

As part of the renewal of the regional contract for the management of recyclable materials (2017-2022), an agreement was signed between the MRC and TRICENTRIS - Centre de tri, a Quebec non-profit organization (NPO) and innovative player in the Waste management sector. The organization serves more than 200 municipalities in Quebec. As of January 2017, recycling materials from the approximately 150,000 citizens of the MRC are processed at the Lachute sorting center. In addition, Mr. Hans Gruenwald Jr., Mayor of the City of Rigaud, has been appointed to sit on the Board of Directors of TRICENTRIS.

With 16,172 tons of recyclable materials recovered in 2016, the MRC recovery rate is already approaching the objectives of the Policy on waste management’s target of 70%. 

As part of the Compensation regime for the collection of recyclables, paid by companies that put containers, packaging, printed materials and print media on the Quebec market, the MRC received amounts for the municipal services provided. In 2014, the amount of compensation for recyclable materials collected and recovered was $ 2,583,393.

Collection of recyclable materials by the MRC


The selective collection of blue bins takes place weekly. 

Bins must be placed at the curbside before 7 am, the day of collection.


2018 schedule

Memo (French only)

You may also consult Recy-Québec's chart of recyclable materials for collection.

Damaged bin or new bin

To repair or replace a damaged bin or to obtain a bin for a new address, simply contact your municipality.

Bins marked with the logo of Vaudreuil-Soulanges are municipally owned and are associated with an address. If you move, you must leave your bin on the premises.

Collection contract terms
The MRC reminds you that under the collection contract:
• Materials may be deposited in a blue bin (for a mechanized collection).
• Materials deposited outside the bin will not be picked-up.

Quantity of recycled materials recuperated













Tonnage (t.m.)

11 905

14 807

16 076

16 295

16 919

17 081

 17 150

16 852*

16 257*

16 172*

16 382*

*Note: Since 2012-2013 a significant decrease has been observed in Quebec due to the numeric era and the creation of La Presse +.