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Department of Geomatics

In 2011, the MRC council decided to launch a regional geomatic service to meet the needs of municipalities. Since January 1, 2012, the MRC has been actively working to deploy this new service, which allows greater accessibility to information and enhances sharing between different municipal services.

Geomatics uses science and technology to measure of the earth as well as information technology to facilitate the acquisition, processing, management and dissemination of data on the territory (geographic or spatial reference data). This is a tool to facilitate decision-making that allows, for example, to find the optimal location of a public facility such as an ecocenter, by taking into consideration several variables at once (road access, presence or absence of wetlands, available services, etc.)

For the MRC, the use of geomatics is a considerable advantage in terms of territorial planning. It reduces operating costs, improves territorial management and provides reliable data that is structured and consistent.

At the regional level, the tool used for the dissemination of regional and local data is JMAP©.

Services offered to municipalities are:

• creation and development of tools for the dissemination of JMAP© data;
• mapping;
• professional expertise;
• territorial analysis.

Here is a list of projects that can be achieved through the use of geomatics:

• Updating information: zoning plans, street maps, water systems networks, etc.;
• Creating thematic maps: zoning maps, maps of water and sewage networks, tourist maps, charts of public notices in newspapers, street maps, etc.;
• structuring and information managing on databases;
• integrating data in space (georeferenced data);
• providing technical support remotely.

The MRC offers this service to provide practical help and support to municipalities for the optimization of geomatics.

Specifically, the use of geomatic tools can quickly and easily:

determine the number of properties in flood zones;
• identify soil types for an application of exclusion from an agricultural zone;
• target citizen at risk of being affected by boil water advisories or road work;
• establish calculations for the taxable amount per citizen for work undertaken on waterways;
• create lists of addresses for correspondence concerning an activity.


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